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28 million Americans suffer from migraines and 2/3 are women! Yikes

Researchers are still trying to figure out the best remedy for migraine sufferers. What studies do show is that migraine sufferers are more likely too also suffer from depression, anxiety and thoughts of suicide.

These mental conditions all have one thing in common Negative Thoughts! Negative thinking is a brutal force to reckon with. It can start from the toddler years and fester causing it to grow into your internal dialog. This negative thinking machine “your subconscious” manifests these negative thoughts and emotions into migraines or other forms of physical and mental illnesses.

Now, you can take a big sigh of relief because there is a better solution for migraines and it does not cost you a penny.

Yes, you can meditate for Migraine relief; here’s how it works.

When you meditate the world stops. Meditation allows you to untangle the matted mess in your head by focusing your attention on breathing, relaxing and healing. Science is just starting to discover the vast uses for meditation. If you’re truly ready for a life transforming experience than start meditating. There are 100’s of ways to meditate so don’t be intimidated just pick a technique that suits your life and START!

How to Meditate for Migraine relief

Meditation music-

Choose a gentle soothing meditation music that you enjoy, sit and listen while conscious relaxing  your body on each out breath.

Mantra Meditation-

Sit in a quiet comfortable place with your eyes closed. Take a few deep breaths and then begin reciting these words,

My mind and body are relaxed

My head feels great

I feel wonderful


Keep this up through the entire time and allow yourself to think of your mind feeling at ease and pain free. By the end of your practice you should start to feel the effects instantly. If the pain comes back, then so shouldn’t your mantra.

Breathing meditation

Deep breathing meditations help relive migraines by bring more oxygen into your body. Our brain needs oxygen to function and feel right.Doing this type of breathing meditation also creates an energy burst just like exercising can.

Simple breathing meditation exercise:

Breathe in through your nose and push the air down to your belly allowing your belly to rise. Then breathe out fully.

On the 2nd in breath, breathe in more air filling your chest and belly then let it all out until your chest and belly claps.

Repeat a few times

Guided Meditation-

Use a daily guided meditation to relax your mind and body. Do not wait until you have a screaming migrate to start a preventative treatment and stop migraines. By taking the time to relax and bring more oxygen into your body you will feel better and less stressful.

Relax from head to toe 2.min
A migraine can really ruin the whole day and keep you down in the dumps. It even has the tendency to make you cranky and feel ill all around. If you have tried the western approaches to relieving your migraine but still the nagging pain pounds at your head like a wrecking ball than it is time to try something else. Meditation is an easy solution for pain relief! Remember, meditation like anything else takes practice. Give yourself the opportunity to have a pain free life by using Meditation for Migraine relief.

Have a Wonderful Migraine FREE Day!


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Guided Meditations Scripts


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  1. Thank you for the article, I actually learned something from it. Incredibly good content on this website. Always looking forward to new article.

  2. Meditation really works !!!!!. I have been suffering from Migraine from past 10 years. I have tried all types of medication but everything is temproray relief. As this article says its all about Mind. I have meditating from past one month and i have not had single episode of Migraine, earlier i used to get once or twice a week. The best part of it costs nothing, if fact after meditating we have positive thoughts and we can handle situations better. I am a pharmacist by profession and I did not know earlier MEDITATION is simple answer to MIGRAINE. Thanks for the article.

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