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Bird-FlordiaThere are many times in life when we need a mini vacation; time to just get away from life. Unfortunately, taking a mini vacation is not something that we can do at the drop of a hat. The average vacation, no matter how mini usually includes time and money.

Meditation can be used as a mini vacation. Meditation can help you leave the thoughts of responsibilities and worries behind you. Just by taking a few minutes a day to meditate and by allowing your mind to journey and connect with your inner peace, you will feel more energized and renewed.

Below is a description of a mini vacation meditation technique. This is not a step by step “guided meditation” the description below is only meant to be used as a direction for a guided meditation practice therefore, you can use your imagination to fill in the blanks.

You can do this meditation whenever you need it. Set a time of 10 or 15 minutes for this mini vacation mediation technique. Depending on how much time you can spare. I have stopped and meditated in the middle of my day for less than 1o minutes just to regain my emotions and focus.  I would try to set at least 10 minutes aside for the mini vacation mediation.

Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down.

Next, take several deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth slowly. Focus on your breath; while you are breathing let all thoughts drift away.

After you have lessened the flow of your thoughts down to a trickle; you can start envisioning the most peaceful place. This can be a place you have been physically to or a place that you make up. If you have trouble envisioning then you should envision a place where you have already been to.

Notice all of the wonderful details of this place.

Look around envision the setting are you sitting on top of the highest mountain or are you sitting at the beach?

What do you here? Are there any sound in this place that create peace?

Take note on how you feel. Do you feel at peace, happy or calm?

Don’t forget while you’re in this meditation allow your mind and body to fully relax.

Tip: If you at any time have trouble keeping your attention on the mini vacation meditation then try to focus on your breath.

How to end a meditation.

Once you feel relaxed, slowly come out of this meditation while holding on to the relaxed and peaceful feelings you had while in this meditation. You can do this by feeling the different parts of your body, start with your toes and move up to your head.

Life can easily get overwhelming and complicated leaving you feeling emotionally drained at times. If you continue to move through life without taking time for yourself, you may end up feeling full of stress and anger which can manifest into physical illness. Download-Guided-Meditations

Meditation is one of the easiest tools to use for relieving stress.  Take a minute to bookmark this site so you can come back and take full advantage of the tools provided by Meditate Today. We are working every day toward making this the largest site for information and resources on meditation.

Tip: There are 100’s of techniques that you can use to lessen the flow of thoughts. Sometimes I image my thoughts flowing out of the top of my head and into a floating sphere. Once the sphere is full I allow it to float away into the sky until I cannot see it any more.

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Guided Meditation Script




Listen to a Guided Meditation Script

Relax from head to toe 2.min

Please feel free to share your thoughts; leave a comment on your experience with meditation.

Be at peace

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