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Below you will find the transcript to the MP3 Guided Meditation download. This is one of many Guided Meditation MP3 downloads you will receive once you’re on my mailing list.

Each guided meditation is created with ambient music, nature sounds, tones and other effects to help bring you all the way through a calming meditation journey.

I have provided the transcript for anyone who wishes to have a printed copy of this guided meditation. Plus I want to give everyone the opportunity to leave me a comment below about their thoughts and experience after using the “Relaxation Meditation from Head to Toe” guided meditation.

You will want to get comfortable for this meditation you may even want to lying down-

Now I would like you to take a deep-

In through the nose and out through the mouth-

Feel the tips of your toes; wiggle them, now stop and relax-

Feel your feet and any sensations in the body-

Now allow your feet to relax-

Feel your ankles and relax them-

Feel your legs, feel you’re calve muscles, your knees and your thighs now take another deep breath-

And on the out breath I want you to relax your calves, knees, and thighs-

Feel your belly move up and down with your breath if you feel any tension or uneasiness noticed it and let your belly relax completely-

Feel the muscles in your butt and relax them-

Move up to your lower back; the lower back is a place where we can hold a lot of Stress about money-

Is there any tension in your lower back-

If so, feel it and then let it go, relax your lower back.

Now move your attention to your upper back and shoulder blades let go of any tightness you may feel-

Relax your back and shoulders-

Feel your jaw, your cheek bones, and relax your face, relax your eyes and relax your forehead-

Now move your attention to the top of your head-

Breath in and out,  in and out-

I want you to let go of any tension in your head-

Now with your eyes closed I want you to imagine a white light coming down from the heavens-

This light holds the essence of God, love, happiness, joy and bliss. This light is coming to you, it is coming in through the top of your head-

This magical light is flowing into the top of your head-

Down your neck, and into your chest, it is moving down your spine, flowing down through your hips, legs, and it is pushing its way down your ankles and all the way down to your feet and out through the tips of your toes.

Now imagine your whole body filled with white light, feel peace and joy as you envision this light being  coming apart of who you are.

You are radiating the creator’s Golden white light from the inside out-

Your body is relaxed-

Your mind is calm-

Your spirit is alive and vibrating with the happiness and joy of life-

Now I would like you to stay in this place for a moment-

Feel the happiness and joy of life-

Feel your spirit vibrating-

When you’re ready to come out of this medication gently allow yourself to slowly come back and feel your physical body-

Start with your feet and move up your body slowly moving and feeling each body part, once you come up to your head open your eyes-

Your mind and body and spirit is completely relaxed and rejuvenated-


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