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What is osho meditation?

Osho meditation derives its name from its originator Osho who is a profound Indian spiritual and philosophical teacher. There are a number of controversial ideas associated with him that distinguishes him from other Indian spiritual and philosophical teachers.He is a famous writer. He wrote many books on love and intimacy, meditation, creativity, intuition and many others.

There is no one particular type of meditation that is called Osho meditation.  Osho meditation is a household name for all the active meditation techniques developed by Osho.

Osho  meditation conception

We can only achieve self-awareness during meditation if we are able to eliminate;

  • All thought forms
  • Emotions
  • Experiences

These elements within are mind are said to be blocks or distractions will that stand in our way from achieving self-awareness during our meditation.

Osho Meditation posture

Can be done by sitting or lying down.

Osho Meditation distinguishes two types of meditation practice

Passive Meditation- In passive meditation no movement is involved the practitioner is a expected to remain static throughout the duration of the meditation.When practicing passive meditation you can choose to sit or lie down as long as you maintain that posture for the duration of your meditation.

Active Meditation- is the opposite of passive meditation.  The practitioner is in continuous motion as long as the meditation exercise lasts.

The essence of making movement in Osho meditation is to help people get rid of thoughts and experience accumulated during the course of their daily activities which may occasionally distracts them if they are sitting down or lying down. He develops many techniques that can be used in active meditation. All these techniques that he develops for active meditation are collectively called Osho meditation.

The following are some of the techniques developed by Osho:

  • Osho Dynamic Meditation
  • Osho Kundalini Meditation
  • Osho Nataraj Meditaation
  • Osho Nadabrahma Meditation
  • Osho Gourshankar Meditation
  • Osho Mandala Meditation:
  • Osho whirling Meditation

Osho Meditation Video’s and Instruction

All of the Osho meditations lised above are found at this link! These meditation videos are awesome and completely worth your time and attention if you are curious about Osho Meditation.

I hope you enjoyed this article on Osho Meditation This type of meditation practice is intense and can have a profound effect on releasing all of the junk we store in our conscious and subconscious self.

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