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Zen Buddhism is an attempt to discover the Buddha-nature. Zen meditation is a type of meditation in Buddhism that tries to bring the mind to point of thinking of nothing without recourse to any text as we have in other religion like Christianity, Islam and Judaism. It is believed in Zen that the teaching and notion contain in texts will prevent one from discovering the Buddha-nature. There is no dependence on written word in Zen meditation.

In Zen Buddhism emphasis is placed on daily meditation. It is believed that meditation helps the mind to achieve unity with the whole of creation. In Zen meditation the difference between the person meditating and the entire creation loses it significance. One achieves enlightenment by getting rid of all earthly engagements and concerns. The enlightenment does not come through any form of intellectual reasoning or through any text but through self-realization which is only achieved through meditation.

Just as in any other type of meditation techniques, Zen meditation can be practiced by sitting down. To protect the mind from being distracted attention is directed to the breath either by counting it or just watching it. To practice meditation one has to select a quite environment.   Zen meditation purifies the mind so that it will be to attain Buddha nature which is its proper nature

Zen meditation is gradually gaining ground in the world today. It is fast spreading in the western world and is becoming a way of life for many people. It is gradually being classified as one of the major religions of the world. The reason for its quick proliferation is not far fetch.

To be able to practice Zen meditation it is important for one to have a good understanding with the principles and concepts of Zen.

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  1. I signed to your blog RSS. Will you post more about this topic?

    • Yes, very soon! I have written an article called the Principles of Zen.
      Thank you for stopping by!

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