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What is Transcendental meditation?

Transcendental meditation is a method of meditation contained in the spiritual teaching of the Vedas in Hinduism. It is founded on the Vedic philosophy which subscribes to the idea that consciousness is blissful and is the very state of our being.

In transcendental meditation the seeker makes no effort in concentrating on things. The seeker is expected to be passive while being aware of the mind and the body. In the transcendental meditation it is believed that the effort is in the realm of the mind, body and the intellect and has nothing to do with the action of the self.

A wandering mind is a problem many beginners face in transcendental meditation and in all meditation.

In transcendental meditation a special Mantra is designed to keep the mind from wandering and at the same time it also helps the exercise of meditation to not become burdensome.

The Mantra is given by a person who has attained some level of perfection in transcendental meditation. Such a person will be able to judge the nature of the novice state of mind and body. At this point they decide on the mantra that is a good fit for the novice. This mantra helps the seeker’s concentration by bringing their mind and wandering thoughts back to the vibration of the Mantra.

As a novice progresses in transcendental meditation the occasional thoughts that arise will gradually disappear. They will succeed in creating a quite mind and experience the deepening of their consciousness.

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  1. Nice thoughts and kind words about the Transcendental Meditation technique. Thank you. To see how a TM teacher describes the process, see

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