Feb 092011

Many people have questioned the healing efficiency of meditation because of the lack of scientific research. It was believed the brain was at rest when you meditate; based on this information critics have questioned the healing power of meditation in generally.

The skepticism can now be laid to rest, according to the research carried out by Andrew Newberg, M.D., of the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine in Philadelphia, meditation stimulates certain parts of our brain. New research on meditation has also discovered that the brain is never at rest during meditation.

So what happens to the mind when you meditate?

At the top of the parietal lobe is the part of brain that processes sensation and information coming into the brain. It was discovered that the parietal lobe remains calm when you meditate, allowing you to disconnect your senses from distractions in your environment. It also helps quiet the mind instilling a sense of peace.

The frontal lobe is another part of the brain that is affected by meditation as well. The frontal lobe controls motivation and inspiration. Meditation helps to facilitate activity in this part of the brain, by focusing the mind when we meditate on a particular object.

The research also discovered that chanting in meditation induces the juncture where the temporal, frontal and parietal lobes of the brain meet. This juncture is known to stimulate relaxation. At times being high spirited during meditation can make you sing or chant. There is a certain feeling of joy and awe that goes on in the mind when you meditate as a result of having an encounter with Divine.

The research reveals that this feeling of joy and happiness encourages the temporal lobe of the brain and regulates emotions. Secondly, the lower temporal lobe in the brain where visual stimulus is processed and induced when you set your attention on spiritual images.

What does all this mean to you and me? It means that the brain is highly stimulated when we engage in meditation in a positive and joy full way.

Research on meditation is an on-going project. However, the above discoveries are a pointer in the direction to the healing efficiency of meditation for those who are yet to witness it and to scientists in general.

Would you like to know more about the different types of meditation or the different techniques meditation has to offer?

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