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Learning how to meditate with your children is important because you don’t want to create a meditation practice that can be a turn off. When you introduce children to a meditation practice you want it to grab their attention and keep them interested. Below you will find 7 ideas on how to meditate with your children.

Be Flexible-

It is not necessary that you keep them strictly bound to the perfect posture with crossed legs.  This could be difficult and hard for the child to concentrate in this way. Instead, you can let them move around freely and focus more towards their mental alertness by guiding their thoughts.  You can make this possible by connecting and communicating with them while the meditation is going on.

Explain the Benefits-

Children are naturally curious and want to know why? Explain to your children why they need to meditate and how it is important for their brain development. Also share other developmental benefits of meditation, such as how meditation expands their creativity and  intuition. You can explain to them how it helps build problems solving skills and reduces frustration. Children are very receptive when it comes to understanding the benefits of meditation and how it can help them.

Meditate with your Children-

If you want your children to develop a strong ability to meditate then parents should meditate with them. By meditating with your children, they will learn from you; by seeing your dedication to meditation. This will also create a strong bond between you and your children that will last a lifetime.

Pick the Right Meditation-

Find a meditation that is suitable for your children. If they are just starting to meditate more than likely they will not have the focus to sit and be still. The best thing to do is to find a meditation that will keep their attention focused. There are many different types of meditation that do not involve being completely still and quiet there are two examples below:

  • Active meditation- is meditating with your eyes open by observing an object such as watching the waves of the ocean come in and out. Or watching the flicker of a candle flame. Or watching the wind blow the leaves on a tree. Choosing an active meditation is a good place to start meditating with your children.
  • Walking meditation-  is a great meditation for children and beginners because it helps expand “focused attention” and it is an active meditation that will keep a children interested in staying in the meditation longer.

Time & Meditation-

Meditation should be short 5 to 15 minutes long. I would start will 5 minutes and each day add one more minute to the meditation. If you notice your children getting bored and coming out of focus, reduce the time. Find a time that is feels comfortable. Do not not push your children to stay in a meditation. If they come out of it sooner than you thought they would, then let them know that they did a great job and you look forward to the next time you will both meditate together.

When to Meditate-

The best time to meditate with your children will depend on your schedule. I find the best time for me and my children is right before bed or first thing in the morning. But we have also meditated in the middle of the day at the park or the lake. 

Story time-

One of the best things to do to get young children ready for meditation is to read to them. Reading to your children expands their attention, focus and creative imagination, which are important qualities to have for learning how to meditate.

There are 7 ideas on how to meditate with your children, please feel free to leave me a comment below on any thoughts or ideas you may have on how to meditate with children. I would love to hear from you:)


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