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Recent research on meditation has revealed that meditation can have positive effects on many physiological processes that take place within the mind and body.

1. During a meditation practice, the heart rate slows down and allows positive respiratory and metabolic physiological benefits meditationprocesses to take place within the body. This process aids the heart by reducing its workload, which can help serve as a cure to high blood pressure and other related illnesses.

2. One of the physiological benefits of meditation is the reduction of the overall stressors in life by helping the mind relax.  Meditation also lowers the level of cortisol which is a stress hormone secreted by adrenal cortex in your body. In addition, meditation can re-balancing the equanimity of your mind which helps in reducing your over all stress.

3. Another Physiological benefit to meditation is the reduction of tension in the muscles. Muscle tissues perform vital functions in the body. Healthy muscle tissues facilitate the burning of calories in our body. Meditation helps to reduce tension in the muscles, which allows the muscles in the body to function properly by ensuring that our muscles are tension free meditation helps you to maintain a quality life.

meditate today4. Meditation creates a healthy metabolic system. The importance of oxygen flowing throughout our bodies cannot be overemphasizing. There is scientific proof that meditation increases the amount of oxygen we inhale by reminding us to focus on our breath while doing meditation thus; improving our breathing process. Having enough oxygen will ensure that you have more energy and a healthier body. Oxygen is highly needed to engage a healthy metabolic process, through which energy is released to the body.

The best environment for a meditation practice is one free of tension, noise, and stress where you can feel comfortable and relaxed. Hypertensive patients or people suffering from anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure can receive positive physiological benefits from doing meditation.

There are many types of meditations to help you receive physiological benefits mention in this article. Below you will find a few guided meditation scripts for relaxing the body and mind.

Guided meditations Scripts, from reducing stress

Meditation Practices for Physiological Benefits

Mindful Meditation

Zen Buddhist meditation

Transcendental Meditation

I hope you enjoy this article on the physiological benefits of meditation and found some helpful information. Please feel free to share this post with your favorite social media website and help sped the word that meditation can bring about natural healing. Namaste

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