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Children like to have fun, they do not spend time sitting around contemplating the meaning of life. Kids live in the moment their hearts and minds are open and alive. The best meditation for children is one that reflects this type of energy.

Walking meditation-

First, explain to your child that this is a meditation and you will be walking very slowly and paying attention to the bottoms of their feet.  If you are doing this meditation with very young children choose an animal like a Sloth to pretend to be, children love pretending. Next, choose a path outside or make a path you can follow inside your house. Then put some meditation music on and walk the path with your child. You can do it side by side allowing them to see how you place your foot on the ground or you can do it in a line allowing the child to lead the way.

If you want to spice up the walking meditation put on some music that starts slow then moves into a faster beat then changes to a slower beet and walk according to the beat of the music.

Moment Meditation-

Choose some meditation music and explain to your children that you are going to dance to the music very slowly using big bold movements. Moment meditation can reflect expression; use your body to reflect different expressions, such as happy, sad, joyous, and angry or confusion. Just remember to stay present and have fun!

Mindful Meditation-

Kids can be taught mindfulness, which will be one of the greatest gifts you can give to your child and their growing conscious. Mindfulness meditation can be taught to a child through breath. Breathing is a major part of any meditation and can be used to help children expand their focus attention.

In addition, mindful meditation is usually done with a soft gaze. Talk to your child about how to soften their gaze, by staring gently at an object for as long as they can.

Guided meditation-

This meditation can be done lying down or sitting. Tell your child to close their eyes and focus on the words and positive feelings that will arise within them. For young children a guided meditation before naptime or bedtime is the best time.

Laughing Meditation-

Kids love to laugh and everyone knows once you get going it is hard to stop. Laughing is extremely healthy for everyone; it relieves stress, and brings immediate joy into your life. Laughing meditation is a great meditation for all children.

Mantra Meditation-

Surprisingly children love to say mantras. They are catchy and remind us of singing. I have done Mantra meditations with children, they catch on quickly to the pronunciation, and most children end up repeated the Mantra throughout the day.

Tips for Meditating with children;

  • If you want the meditation to be silent, explain that there is no talking; this will help the child focus more on the meditation and less on vocalizing their thoughts. Of course be flexible meditation should always be fun.
  • The length of the meditation should be determined by the children involved, while also considering their age and their attention span.
  • Get feedback; ask your child if they liked the meditation and how could it be better?
  • Explain the health benefits to meditation, children love to know “why”.  Give them an explanation that they will understand and trust.
  • Be a role model! Children learn by example, if they see someone they love and trust doing meditation then they will respond to doing meditation in a positive way.

I hope you were inspired by the ideas in the best meditations for children article. Children are magical and fun, reflect those qualities in your meditations and you will be amazed at how much success you will have.

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