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Definition of meditation

I think it is important to understand the definition of meditation. Most people think mediation is difficult. It really is not. There is No proper way to sit, think, or breathe.

The word “meditation” means many things to many people, many cultures and religions. From the outlook of neuroscience, meditation is described as a series of mental exercises, which strengthens one’s direct control over the mechanism and functions of their brain.

Words and phrases used to describe meditation.

 Reflection  Awareness  Focused Attention
 Relaxation Technique  Connection of Mind & Heart  Oneness
 Connect to Compassion  Develop Strength  Know the Inner-Self
 Purification  Life Force  Peace of Mind

How to control the brain?

The easiest way to have direct control over one’s brain is to practice “focus attention”. Choose an object like the light of a flame or a picture and gaze at it, without trying to define it. When thoughts come into your mind, redirect your attention back to the object. Many mediators use the in and out breath to direct the control of their mind as well.

A more advance way of meditating or directing the use one’s brain is to observe the universe, as you connect yourself to the intellectual and knowledge of the universal consciousness, without directing attention to any one assignment.

As of this date, there is not a universal definition of what meditation means. The difficulty in defining mediation comes from the many different cultures and traditions that use mediation; each of them has their own way of practicing mediation.

Meditation Tip:

For anyone just starting out in meditation, learning how to meditate or someone that has been struggling with meditation “let go of attachment” or outcome of your meditation. If you are too focus on the benefit or outcome of your meditation then you are missing the point of meditation and you will still continue to struggle.

I have used many different forms of meditation; the simplest form of meditation is to just focus my attention. So if you’re new to meditation and don’t know where to start; start by focusing your attention on a word or object for as long as you can.

Guided meditations are also a great form of meditation because they help focus your attention and bring your mind on a journey using descriptive visualization.

If you have any questions about the definition of meditation or would like to share an example of what you think meditation is, please feel free to leave me a comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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