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You create your scared place within your mind; it is a safe place, where you can do emotional and physical healing, recharge your energy and speak to your guides.

This place takes time to create; each time you visit, you will add more and more detail using your creative imagination and expanding your consciousness.

When you begin this meditation close your eyes and take a deep breath.

On the in breath you want to envision, source energy; coming into your body and on the out breath, you want to envision all tension and stress flowing out, by allowing your muscles to relax fully.

Take 5 to 10 of these focused breaths then allow yourself to breathe normally.guided meditation wild flowers

Image you are standing in a field, look all the way around, it is filled with wild flowers and tall grass.

When you look out and around, you can see tall trees surrounding the field. Spend a few moments taking observations of this place;

See the colors, shapes and textures that make up the field and beyond.

Now see a path across the field, going into the tall trees. Walk over there and as you walk, feel the ground under your feet. Feel the gentle tickle of the wild flowers and high grass as you past by.

You are getting closer to the path.

You are now only a few feet away from the path and you can see the ground, it is covered with a soft powered like yellow and brown sand.

Now step out onto it and start walking down the path while observing along the way.forest-path

What do you see?

Now look ahead, there is a doorway to your scared place, see this door emerge what does it look like? Create as much detail as you can.

Envision the color, shape, and material of the door.

Is it a large door or a small door that you have to crouch down to crawl through?

Place your hand on the door and open it.

Cross the threshold into your scared place and gently close the door behind you.

Now that you are in your scared place look around what does it look like? The easiest way to create this place is to envision your favorite place in nature.

Bring forth images that bring you comfort and enjoy.

Are there any animals or spirits in this magical place like birds flying overhead, or fairies playing just under the nook of a tree trunk?

You are going to spend a few moments creating this place, finding a comfortable spot to sit and feel grounded and safe.

You are safe in this place.

When you are done creating your sacred place; find your doorway again and start walking toward it.

See your hand reaching for the door, push it open and step through it, as you gently close it behind you.

Continue to walk down the path that leads to, the open field where you started this meditation.

As you slowly walk down the path, you can still feel the ground beneath your feet.

You are now five steps away from the end of the path, with each step you take you become more and more aware of your physical mind and body.

As you take the last step, you are completely back into your conscious mind and body.

Now open your eyes and feel at peace.

You can use this meditation script, and create a scared place; it will help you expand your creative imagination skills, which can empower your mind.

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