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Attracting money instantly is easily done when you bring the feelings and emotions into your present mind and body. Using a guided imagery script can help you access the feelings needed for instant wealth.guided-meditation-eyes

Get comfortable

Close your eyes

Begin by inhaling slowly and deeply through your nostrils.

Let the breath flow out of your nostrils slowly and completely

Continue this breathing in this way, for ten full breaths.

As you inhale, feel source energy coming into you and as you exhale let go and relax all tension and stress.attract-Money-headphone

Image yourself completely well and happy.

See yourself sitting at your kitchen table.

In front of you, you see a stack of envelops.

Each envelop in a different color.

Pick up the stack of envelops and bring them closer to you.

Flip through the stack of envelops and see how each one is addressed to you.

See the stamp in the upper right corner of each envelope.

Feel how heavy each envelope is.

Now put down the stack of envelopes and pick up the first one.

What color is it?

Flip it over and rip open the top right corner of the envelope.  Place your finger inside the envelope and rip it open.

Now reach inside and take out the card.

On the front of the card it states in bold letters “MONEY COMES EASY TO ME” Open up the card and see hundred dollar bills falling out onto your lap.

How many do you see 5, 10, 20, 30, 100’s?

Now put the card down and pick up the next envelope.guided imergy script attrat money instanly

What color is it?

Imagine yourself opening it in the same way.

On the front of this card it states “I attract money in every way with every thought and breath I take.” As you open this card see 100 dollar bills falling onto your lap and onto the floor.

Feel the intense excitement of the never ending flow of money.

Now pick up the next envelope what color is it?

Open it up in the same manner don’t skip any steps feel each step in the process.

As you look upon this card it states “Money comes to me easy and effortlessly I am a money magnet!”

As you open this card the 100 dollar bills flow from it all over you and down to the floor covering the floor completely.

Repeat this process again and see yourself opening the next envelope in the same way.

As you pull out the card it states, “Feeling wealthy is a state of mind which I now possess.” And as you open this card you see a mirror inside. Look into it. See your face. See the expression of instant wealth on your face.

Now take a moment and examine your feelings

How does it feel to be surrounded by money?

Money is all around you.

You now possess the power to instantly change your mental state and free yourself from any and all feelings of lack.

As you slowly come back into your conscious mind bring back all of the feelings that attract wealth into your present life.


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