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Find a comfortable place to sit where your body is completely supported, you can even lay down for this meditation.

Close your eyes and just allow your thoughts to gently come in and out of your mind.creating Balance

Once your mind has settled down a bit, ask yourself, how I can be more balanced?

Take note on each time you ask this question and what thoughts come into your mind first.

Then observer these thoughts without judgment and then allow them to drift away, relax your mind and body by noticing your breath coming in and flowing out.

Once you are satisfied with the information you have received on how your life could be more balanced, quiet your mind again.

Bring your attention to the need for more balance. You are going to bring the energy of balance into your spirit. This will help your subconscious mind to awaken when you are acting in an unbalanced way.

Image yourself balancing on a tree branch high up in the air, see yourself balancing there with your arms out stretched, feel a slight breeze, hear the leaves of the tree flutter and dance around you. Smell the fresh air.

Feel your feet firmly grounded to the tree branch, once you feel this grounding imagine you are lifting one of your legs up into the air behind you, you are balancing on one leg and your arms are still stretched out on the side s of your body as if you are flying. Feel how centered, grounded and strong that leg is.stock-photo-2421818-forest-with-sun-behind

Feel how balanced you are.

You can still feel the winds slightly blowing all around you and you feel completely connected to this tree branch like you are a part of this tree and your balance to completely still.

Once you are done bring your leg back down to the tree branch allow your arms to come back down to your sides.

Imagine bringing your hands to heart center and feeling the energy of balance running through your whole body from your firmly grounded feet on the tree branch to the top of your head.

Now imagine climbing down from the tree and once you are on the ground thank the universal oneness or your high-self for this experience.

Then gently come back into your mind and body, by taking note of your breath feel your breath coming in and out again.


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