Mar 292013

Expanding Awareness

Spend a few moments relaxing the mind and body.expanding awarness feet

Focus on the bottoms of your feet, feel how they are a part of you.

Focus on the toes, feel how they are a part of you.

Focus on your feet, feel how they are a part of you.

Move your attention up to your ankles, feel your calves, feel your knees and your thighs, and feel your legs, as a part of you.

Feel your buttocks and your lower back, reach around to your stomach and feel your belly.

Move your attention up to your chest, feel it rise and fall, reach around to your upper back and feel your torso moving up and down.  Your body is a part of you.

Now bring your attention to your hands, move up your arms feel your shoulders, now stretch your attention up to your neck, feel your neck.

Continue and move up behind your ears all the way to the top of your head, feel your head and your mind as awareness.

On the next out breath feel your whole body relax, allow your attention to flow over your face and move down your whole body and out the bottoms of your feet.

Feel this energy, feel this life force, surrounding you it is a part of you.guided meditation ea brain-in-head

You are energy, feel the life in each atom and proton that make up every cell, which, is a part of you.

Now expand your awareness to the space around you, the air the fills this space is the air you are breathing. It is a part of you.

Feel the earth, the land, the water and the atmosphere this is a part of you. It is breathing with you, it is existing with you and it, is a part of you.

Feel the elements of outer space as you expand your awareness and feel the intensity of the sun, the calmness of the moon and the presents of the planets. Feel the stars and the meteorites flying by; this is an active place of energy, vibration, light and darkness.

Your awareness is expanding and you are expanding.

See the earth in its glory the only planet that has given us a life. Gently float down to the earth your home, locate your physical body, then gently come back and settle into your physical form.

Feel your whole body once again.

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