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why is meditation so hardMany reasons may stand in your way when you commit to a meditation practice. These reasons may make you think meditation is hard. The truth is, just like implementing anything new in your life it takes time and practice to receive the results you want.

Here are the top 7 reasons meditation may seem hard.

I can’t relax

Make sure your whole body is supported, even if you have to lay down. You do not have to commit to a specific posture for a successful meditation experience. Focus on your breath and on each out breath allow your whole body to relax and feel heavy, this meditation technique works like magic!

I fell asleep

This is good news and bad news. It is good news because you have the ability to relax fully in meditation and allow your brainwaves to fall into theta. Some people experience the opposite and cannot relax.

Brainwave Movement

Beta (very alert)

Alpha (alert but relaxed)

Theta (still conscious slightly with the subconscious opening)

Delta (The mind is sleeping, dreaming and deep sleep)

I would suggest experimenting with this by allowing yourself to fall into theta, once you start to feel this state of mind, then gently hold your mind there. It is a little like lucid dreaming. When you have a lucid dream, you know you are dreaming the conscious mind is present.

I’m cold or to hot

I often meditate with a blanket it keeps me feeling grounded and safe. On the other hand, if you are too hot try meditating near a window or if circumstances allow it, meditate outside in a shady spot. It is OK to adjust your environment to suite your needs.

I can’t concentrate

You do not need to concentrate to the point where your own concentration becomes a block. If you sit in meditation and thoughts bombard your mind, try focusing on your breath, or listen to a short guided meditation. By listening to a guided meditation, it gives your mind a place to go.

I’ve got a terrible itch I need to scratch

Then go ahead and scratch it. It is OK to make small adjustments to make yourself feel more comfortable in a mediation practice.

Am I doing this right

There is no right way or wrong way in meditation, there is only your way. Give yourself a break, keep up your meditation practice and before you know it; it will feel right.

I am bored

Many times in meditation we meet obstacles. Being bored is just one obstruction that can be laid to rest easily with the use of mindfulness; understand, that you are in control of your mind. When you start feeling bored and restless take a deep breath, accept the experience of feeling bored, then let it go and refocus your attention on the chosen object of your meditation. Again, you can use a guided meditation to give your active mind something to focus on.

The bottom line is whenever you start anything you will be met with challenges. This is just the way of our human experience. Take pleasure in knowing you are doing one of the most important activities for yourself and the collective human consciousness.

I Thank You for being a part of this advancement toward awareness.

We are ALL ONE


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