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Life becomes out of balance very easily and sometimes it is not so easy to bring it back into balance. Look over the 4 most important areas for balance and inner peace, then ask yourself how can I be more balanced.

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony. -Thomas Merton

Food– Everywhere we look it seems food is out of balance. Do you have a balanced diet?  Healthy foods help our bodies function, they give us energy and lay down the groundwork for how well we age. This is not to suggest that we should forsake all unhealthy foods, eating with balance is one of the most important ways to have inner peace.

Rest– Meditation falls under the umbrella of rest. If you have trouble sleeping, meditate before you go to bed, this will help you clear your mind of unwanted thoughts from the day and allow you to fall asleep faster. Whenever you take the time to meditate you give your body and mind time to rest. This rest replenishes your energy and rejuvenates your spirit.

Exercise– Yes, I said it, exercise is one of the most important areas in life that needs to be in balance for inner peace.  It does not matter how you get it or where you find it, exercise creates inner health. I am not just talking about your bodies inner health; I am also talking about your mind as well. When you exercise you have to focus on what you are doing which does not allow your mind to travel to other places and when your mind and body are engaged together this balances your spirit.

Fun– Sometimes we spend ourlives having too much fun allowing our responsibilities to fall by the waist side. In other cases, we may spend too much time working and allowing the idea of having fun to become unimportant. In either case, your life is not in balance, life is not just about making money and supporting the life style, life is about balance and making time to have fun while being responsible.

The Big Question is how can I create a more balanced life? There are two links below that will help you create a more balanced life. Check them out and tell me what you think?

Guided Meditation Script; Creating Balance

Is your life out of balance? Find out with this quick and easy Balance Exercise.

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