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Worry can cripple your happiness and allow stress to build up in your heart center. Letting go of worry can seem difficult because  your mind can give you many logical reasons why you need to worry.

Using a guided meditation script can help you let go of worry and release the feelings and emotions surrounding your worry thoughts.

First, get comfortable, just allow peace to come into your body and into your mind.

Let’s take a few deep breaths.

In through the nose and out through the month.

Bring your present moment awareness into this space.

Lessons come in all shapes and sizes there is no need to worry the universe loves you.

The future is uncertain bring the feelings of confidence into uncertainly.

Everything is OK

Bring the feelings of peace into your heart center.

Allow your attention to focus on the feelings of peace in your heart center.

Envision the universal healing white light coming into your heart center.

What does it feel like?

Now grow that light from your heart center, let it expand and grow in every directionguided imergy script attrat let go of worry.

You are in the place of pure love and peace.

What does it feel like?

I am in a place of pure love and grace.

I let go of fear and worry.

I know that my worry does not serve my higher purpose on this earthy plane.

I let go of all thoughts and feelings that contain worry and fear.

I am a being of light and I know that my life should be lived to the fullest.

Thoughts and feelings of fear and worry only deplete the inner light that grows inherently inside of me.

I know that having thoughts and feelings of worry only create more of the same.

My mind is strong!

I can stop thoughts of worry when they come into my mind.

My mind is strong!

I can choose what thoughts I think about and what thoughts I choose to not follow.

My mind is strong!

I will not let worry control my mind.

My mind is strong!

I will avoid thoughts that cause me to worry.

My mind is strong!

I am the only one that can change my thoughts.

My mind is strong!

Now allow yourself to come back and feel the strength you have created within,

Feel this strength fully as you come back into your conscious mind and body.

Now say this pray of gratitude and end this meditation

Thank you for giving me the strength and courage to see and feel myself in a different light.

I thank my high-self for taking the time to do this meditation. I appreciate my mind, body and spirit and know that the universal power that lives in all things and lives inside of me.

Thank you


Reading this guided meditation script on letting go of worry and practicing the visualizations is a powerful mind exercise.

Listening to a guided meditation script accelerates the process of creating and changing mental states.

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Thanks and have a worry free day :)
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