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Manifesting your deepest desires comes from knowing what you really want.

You may think you know what you want such as a new car, more money, a bigger house, a better relationship but what if I were to tell you that those types of wants are not your desires.

For example, let’s say you want more money this is the most common want I hear about in my spiritual counseling. I would say you can’t eat money, or where money, and money cannot protect to from the rain. Money will never love you, comfort you, or make you homemade soup when you’re sick.


When you work with the “law of attraction” and you ask for money, many times money will come to you but then you will get an unexpected bill in the mail and before you know it your broke again.

Has this ever happened to you?

That’s why it is important to really know what your true desire is so that you can manifest change in your life that won’t just disappear after you get it.

2 Things to keep in mind when you start to use Deliberate Conscious Creation-

  1. We all are manifestation machines we manifest our desires all the time. Unfortunately most of the time these manifestations are built on subconscious thoughts and beliefs that may or may not serve your higher purpose.
  2. Manifesting your desires is not about just asking for happiness. You have to know what makes you happy first. This means you are going to have to dig a little and figure out what is not making you happy or what is not working in your life.

Let’s have a little fun I have created two 5 minute meditation exercises to help you get into the conscious creation flow.

Meditation Exercise; Follow Your Thoughts

Sit quietly and focus on your breath

Allow your thoughts to come and go. Each time a thought disrupts your focused attention tell yourself it is OK and then, on your out breath visualize that thought floating away.

As you start to quiet the thoughts in your head bring the feelings of peace and happiness into your heart center by remembering a time when you felt peaceful and happy.

What are you doing in this memory and who is with you?

What is filling you with happiness?

Is it the people, the place, what is going on around you?

Allow yourself to sit in the space and allow thoughts and feelings to come and go.

This meditation exercise should be done every day and each day you do it, write down what thoughts and images come to you.

The propose of this exercise is to fill your mind with the feelings of happiness and then allow yourself to follow those feelings to see what you see.

Important: There is no right or wrong way if you see yourself eating a big chocolate sunday then that is perfectly ok. This is just the first meditation exercise and it may not bring you to what you truly desire, only to what you think creates happiness in your life.

Just make observations and see where your thoughts lead you.

Meditation Exercise; Creating the opposite

Sit quietly and relax your body

Take a few deep breaths and allow your body to settle in.

Now just observe you thoughts.

See them come and go

Now ask yourself what is not working in your life?

Relax again and just allow thoughts to come and go and just observe them without judgment.

Ask again what is not working in your life. This time notice any repeated thought or image coming back into your mind.

Take that thought that has repeated itself and ask yourself what would be the opposite of this “thought.”

Allow your mind to bring in the New Thought or images that supports the opposite of what is not working in your life. This thought would be what would work which is the opposite of what is not working.

Make sense?

Take a moment and follow this new thought.

Where does it take you?

How does it change your life?

Does it make you feel good to think about this new thought?

How would your life feel if this new thought were true and playing out in your life right now?


Take a minute and jot down thoughts and images that you feel are important.

In each exercise you are asked to follow your thoughts without judgment, this takes the stress out of any expectations and allows you to listen. This is a powerful meditation technique that I will expand upon in the future.

In the next email you will get another meditation exercise that will:

  • Take you deeper into your true desire
  • Unlock hidden negative beliefs
  • Transcend negative energy created by the belief

If you can’t wait here is the link to: How to manifest your desire part 2


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