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Using your breath as a focus point is the first step in learning how to meditate and controlling you conscious thoughts.

If you have trouble focusing on any of these guided visualization scripts I have also created a guided meditation audio for each breathing exercise listed below so you can just sit back, relax and breathe!

Meditation Breathing Exercises using visualization

Breath Awareness– Creating awareness for your breath is important for learning about the present moment and for lowering stress in general. This breathing exercise will help you focus on your breathing while expanding awareness of the present moment.

Breathing in Peace and Joy– If you need to bring immediate peace and joy into your present moment than use this breathing exercise to open the portal to the forever flowing energy that brings peace and joy to you.

Breathing out Worry and Stress– This breathing exercise is a great way to let go of negative feelings surrounding stress and worry learn how to let go of these feeling to make room for more joyful thoughts.

Breathing in Comic EnergyWe are all part of the universal oneness whether we feel it or not use this breathing exercise to feel connected again to the comic energy that flows within us all.

Breathing Out Pain- Whether you live with physical pain or emotional pain you can use breathing as a way to release any and all pain connected to your life on this planet. With practice, you can release yourself and renew your spirit.


More! Guided Meditation Scripts

I have written several guided meditations if you need more inspiration for your meditation practice. Check them out!

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  1. Great site…I’ve known for a long time that breathing right is divine!

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