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peace joy breathing

It is up to you on how you feel. If you would like to attract feelings of peace and joy than all you have to do is put your attention on it. If you are stuck in the vortex of negative thoughts, you attract all of the emotions and feelings that accompany it. Whether you want to attract peace and joy or want to climb out of the vortex of negative thoughts using a breathing exercise will help you bring in peace and joy which can release you from negative thinking and bring in peace and joy into your present moment.

First; create a reference point, in this example remember a time when you smelled the most beautiful flower envision yourself bending over and breathing in deeply feel the peace and joy of this experience rising within you.

On the in breath, visualize the energy of peace and joy coming into your body through your nose.

On the out breath, visualize the air moving down your body and flowing out of your fingertips and toes. Here you can visualize any and all tension leaving you.

  • Breath in peace feel it coming into you
  • Breath out every cell in my body is relaxing
  • Breath in I am at peace
  • Breath out I feel relaxed
  • Breath in I am feeling joy
  • Breath out I am completely relaxed
  • Breath in I feel peaceful in this present moment
  • Breath out all tension and stress is gone
  • Breath in this feeling of peace fills me with joy
  • Breath out I feel the energy of peace moving through my body
  • Breath in I feel joy
  • Breath out joy is filling me completely me.
  • Breath in I am at peace
  • Breath out I am full of joy

Deepen your experience by listening to this guided meditation breathing exercise for creating an abundance of peace and joy into your life.

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Each one also contains a meditation audio that is free for downloading!

More! Guided Meditation Scripts

I have written several guided meditations if you need more inspiration for your meditation practice. Check them out!

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