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Listen to or read the script below and enjoy cosmic breathing :)

cosmic breathing

This breathing exercise can create healing, well-being, or inspiration for greatness. When you use the visualization of bringing comic energy into your body, mind and spirit the sky is the limit. Or should I say, limitless!

Breathing Exercise Cosmic Breathing

Create your reference point, by feeling the vastness of our world and the universe.

Take a deep breath feel the comic energy coming into your body, feel it moving around and bringing vital oxygen to your organs. Feel the life force flowing throughout your body into every cell, atom and photon. Feel the comic connection to the ether and oneness we all share.

On the out breath, release this energy and all of the negative energy within your body back into the ether to be recycled. You can give this negative energy a color or sound this will help deepen the meditation exercise.

  • Breath in life force
  • Breathe out any negative energy
  • Breathe in Positive feelings and emotions
  • Breathe out all the harmful energy blocks
  • Breath in universal bonding
  • Breathe out all of the mistrusting
  • Breathe in all of the beautiful connections
  • Breathe out all of the disruptions
  • Breathe in all of the inspiration and motivation of creation
  • Breathe out all of the stale and stagnate energy
  • Breathe in pure thoughts
  • Breathe out sadness and hate
  • Breathe in the Universal love
  • Breathe out all the misunderstanding

This breathing exercise pulls positive energy thoughts into your present moment and helps you let go of the negativity that can creep into our day.

What more Breathing exercises using visualization!

  1. Breathing in Peace and Joy
  2. Breath Awareness
  3. Breathing out Worry and Stress
  4. Breathing Out Pain

Each Breathing Exercise also contains a meditation audio that is free for downloading!

More! Guided Meditation Scripts

I have written several guided meditations if you need more inspiration for your meditation practice. Check them out

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