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Expanding your awareness through breath work is easy and very pleasant. You can feel your awareness grow each time you practice the art of conscious breathing. This is what I like to call a 60 second meditation that can bring forth positive change in your life.

Read over this breathing meditation script a couple of times and then close your eyes and recite it in your mind. If you have any trouble getting into the flow listen to the audio created for this breathing exercise and use it to deepen your experience.

breath awareness1

Meditation Breathing Exercise Breath Awareness

  • Sit down and feel yourself breathe, feel the air coming into your body.
  • Now feel your breath flowing out of your body.
  • In and out, your awareness is on your breath
  • In and out
  • In and out
  • Now listen to the sounds your breath makes
  • Notice how your body reacts to the flow of breath coming in and out of your body.
  • Feel your belly, chest, shoulders and neck rise and fall.
  • Feel your whole body taking in this breath.
  • Now feel you body letting go of this breath.
  • Breath in Breath out your conscious awareness is growing.
  • Breath in Breath out you are completely connected to your breath.
  • You are fully aware of your breath
  • Just follow your breath in and out
  • You are fully aware of your breath, your body, your mind and the present moment.

Becoming aware of your breath in meditation allows you to have a focal point. Whenever thoughts come into your mind, you can always go back, focus on your breath, and let your thoughts fade into the background as you take notice of the total feeling of breathing.

What more Breathing exercises using visualization!

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Each Breathing Exercise also contains a meditation audio that is free for downloading!

More! Guided Meditation Scripts

I have written several guided meditations if you need more inspiration for your meditation practice. Check them out

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