May 122013

It can take some time finding your true desires and chances are they will change, as everything in life is forever changing. We live in a constant flow of movement. Our thoughts are a part of this forever changing flow of energy.

If you have taken the time to do the past 2 meditation exercises, than I hope you have discovered the path leading you to your true desire. If not that is ok you will.

In the 1st part of this manifestation series, I used the example of desiring more money. By using the meditation exercise called “creating the opposite” I created for you in the first series let’s talk about where that could lead you. Therefore, if you desire more money the opposite of “desire more money” could lead you to “feeling abundant”.


Feeling abundant is in direct correlation with not just money but with what money provides such as comfort and comfort is in direct response to the desire to feel safe and protected.

Money can only buy things that make us feel comfortable and when those things get used up or run out the feelings of lack come rushing back into your present moment. And you are yet again needing more money because your true desire was never met.

But if you feel abundant then all your needs are met.

So how do we fill the desire to feel abundant?

That is a good question let’s look at where this desire originated from.

When we are born, we are separated from our home and brought into a completely alien environment. This new environment can be loud, bright and chaotic and the separation along with these and other outside influences can create the feelings of being unprotected, which in turn makes us feel even more unsafe. So, at that moment our little infant self creates the desire to go back home, because in the womb everything was taken care of and life was satisfying.

One of the true desires we as human beings have, is the need to feel safe, loved and cared for. As we age this desire hides behind external influences such as materialistic things, the need to have control and so on.

Now of course we can’t go back home but we can create the beliefs that we are home and manifest the desire to feel abundant in any way we see fit. Because even though we were all separated from our mothers in the physical, we are all united by the same universal cosmic forces of creation and the forward movement of changing energy.

With that said, are you ready to explore your inner self and find the connections between your desires and your belief system?

Meditation Exercise; Exploring Beliefs

  • Sit comfortably and relax your mind
  • Find a focal point and allow your thoughts to relax and move to the back of your mind.
  • Once your mind has settled down bring your true desire into your mind and see any dark negative words or phrases that pop up when you think about having what you truly desire.
  • Just observe these thoughts coming in then allow yourself to follow these negative words or phrases and see where they lead you.
  • What are they connected to?
  • Who are they connected to?
  • Where are they connected?
  • Allow your mind to gather information about how these negative words and phrases that have manifested in your life.
  • Go as deep as you can.
  • Even if you do not find the root of the negative words and phrases that block you from easily manifesting what you truly desire that is ok.
  • Just allow yourself to see and hear them, just by putting your attention on these phases gives you the power to change them.

test-2Write what you saw and heard, write down all of the negative phrases and words blocking you from manifesting what you desire.

These are the beliefs that you can eliminate from your subconscious and conscious dialog.

In the next email I am going to talk about how to let go of limiting beliefs that are stuck in the subconscious mind. You will receive another meditation exercise that will help you free your mind!

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