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Stress Worry Breathing Exercise

We cannot control life. Many things happen to us and to others we care about that trigger the feelings of stress and worry. When a stressful moment arises in your life take that moment to practice breathing you will be surprise at how well a breathing exercise can take a way stress and worry.

  • Breathe in filling your body with (oxygen) the universal life force and feel your chest expand. Feel the connection to this life force you are not alone.
  •  On the out breath, slightly push the air out while you intentionally relax your neck, shoulders and back by allowing your body to slightly drop or sink into position.
  •  You can also envision your breath pushing the dark energy of stress or worry out of your body through your finger tips and toes or the bottoms of your feet.
  •  Breath in envision pure life force coming into you.
  •  Breath out relax your body.
  •  Breathe in envision this magical life force sparking and shimmering coming into you.
  •  Breathe out let go relax your mind.
  •  Breathe in feel this universal energy filling you.
  •  Breathe out physically feel your body sinking into a relaxing state.
  •  Breathe in feeling the air moving throughout your body.
  •  Breathe out and feel your body sink deeper and deeper into this relaxing state leave no room for any tension, worry or stress.
  •  Breathe in and say in your mind I am at peace.
  •  Breathe out and say in your mind I am relaxed.
  •  Breathe in you are safe, relaxed and at peace.
  •  Breathe out I am safe, relaxed and at peace.
  •  Continue this breathing for as long as you can and if stress or worry should arise in you again refer back to your breath.

You do not have to live with stress or worry thoughts; the first step is believing that!

The second step is making it happen you can do it!

Deepen your experience by listening to this guided meditation breathing exercise for creating an abundance of peace and joy into your life.

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Each one also contains a meditation audio that is free for downloading!

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I have written several guided meditations if you need more inspiration for your meditation practice. Check them out!

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