A Short Biography of Wendy Mickle MM, NLP
Founder and Director of Meditate Today

Wendy Mickle has committed her life to helping others. She began her journey helping people with a variety of mental and physical disabilities in 1988. For the next 2 decades she has worked side by side with many individuals that suffered from mild to severe emotional, mental and physical disabilities by helping them with daily life skills and doing outreach programs to help these people empower themselves in our community.

Throughout her career in the health and wellness industry, she has received her Masters in Metaphysical Sciences, Neo-Linguistic Practitioner certification and has become a certified meditation teacher. Wendy continues to study and research the fields of psychology, behavior development and management, personal growth and the development of destructive emotions in conjunction with the brain and meditation.

Wendy’s experience and comprehension of spiritual human behavior has enabled her to understand how to change subconscious and conscious beliefs that stand in the way of positive change .

She has committed her life to helping individuals release repressed emotions, see the path of self-sabotaging behavior and show the way to transformation.

Wendy’s main goal is to help people improve and change their lives, relationships and over all well-being through experiencing meditation as a way to let go of stress, manage their emotions and bring true understanding of their life purpose.

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