Apr 092013
What are the lasting effects meditation can have on children?

Many things in life will have a lasting effect on your children. As children grow and make their way through life they will come across many obstacles and opportunities, some good and some not so good. As a parent; I know myself, that it is important for my child to gain experiences through life that […]

Apr 082013
Guided Meditation Script; Surrender What You Cannot Change

Surrender What You Cannot Change there are many things in life that we cannot change. Surrender is the key to ascending and truly transforming you life. Surrender in each moment that pasts and you will live a life full of rich moments. In this guided imagery script we are going to surrender. I would like […]

Apr 062013
Guided Meditation Script; Let go of worry

Worry can cripple your happiness and allow stress to build up in your heart center. Letting go of worry can seem difficult because  your mind can give you many logical reasons why you need to worry. Using a guided meditation script can help you let go of worry and release the feelings and emotions surrounding your […]

Mar 292013
I have a itch I need to Scratch, Why is Meditation so Hard?

Many reasons may stand in your way when you commit to a meditation practice. These reasons may make you think meditation is hard. The truth is, just like implementing anything new in your life it takes time and practice to receive the results you want. Here are the top 7 reasons meditation may seem hard. […]

5 Ways to Develop a Solid Meditation Practice

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Mar 282013

  1. Create a Meditation Environment You can meditate anywhere really, but if I had my choice, I would choose a quiet environment. Many people whom meditation everyday create a space for their meditations. By choosing a space, it solidifies their commitment even more to their meditation practice. The space should be free of clutter, […]

Mar 272013
How to Create Wellness Inside & Out

It all starts with a thought. Your thoughts control your life this is not new news to anyone, and if it is then let me tell you right now, “your thoughts control your life.” When you can control your thoughts even on a small scale, you can change your life. How do I change my […]

Mar 272013
My thoughts control my life; Contemplation Meditation

This week’s contemplation is; My thoughts control my life. Meditate on this, If your thoughts control your life, what are you thinking about? Does it reflect wellness? Does it make you feel good? Contemplation Exercise: Think of something negative right now, write it down if you want to, then look at it. Next, write down […]

Mar 262013
Is your life out of balance? Learn 4 ways to have a balanced Life!

Life becomes out of balance very easily and sometimes it is not so easy to bring it back into balance. Look over the 4 most important areas for balance and inner peace, then ask yourself how can I be more balanced. Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony. […]