Science & Meditation

100’s of studies have been done to proof the positive effects of meditation. Each article in the category science and mediation will help you understand the amount of research that has been done in this field.

5 Ways to Develop a Solid Meditation Practice

  1. Create a Meditation Environment You can meditate anywhere really, but if I had my choice, I would choose a quiet environment. Many people whom meditation everyday create a space for their meditations. By choosing a space, it solidifies their commitment even more to their meditation practice. The space should be free of clutter, […]

Create Empowerment with 3 Simple Steps

Creating empowerment within your life is essential for success and achieving your goals. Whether you believe you are and empowered person or not it is important to bring empowering thoughts and feelings into your mind, body and spirit. Look over these 3 simple steps on how to create empowerment in your life. How do we […]

How to Reduce or Eliminate Stress; using Meditation

Reduce or eliminate stress- Stress is one of the main causes of our suffering, there are many different types of stress such as emotional, physical and mental. Stress can also be triggered from a past memory living in your subconscious mind and you can also feel stress from thinking about the future. One thing is […]

Best Meditations for Stress and Emotional Healing

Meditation is the best way to reduce stress and it gives the mediator a way to heal emotional wounds of the past. I have personally experienced transformation  through my meditation practice. The best Meditations for stress include but are not limited to; Mindful Meditation– This type of meditation can help you to  instill a quiet […]

Meditation Video “I am a Peaceful Child of the Supreme Soul”

Watch this meditation video and allow yourself to focus on images that take your mind on a visual and audio journey. This is a quick 5 minutes experience. A common meditation practice is to just observe and not allow the mind to stray down the path of thinking and judging. As you watch this meditation, […]

101 Meditation Benifits; How can Meditation Benifit You

There are 100’s maybe even 1000’s of benefits to meditation. Below you will find an extensive list of 101 meditation benefits! Emotional Meditation Benefits 1. Decreased Stress                         2. Achieve Happiness 3. Manifest positive energy           4. Expand focus 5. Decreased Anger                         6. Unlock Subconscious Beliefs 7. Decreased irritability                 8. Build Trust […]

Definition of Meditation

Definition of meditation I think it is important to understand the definition of meditation. Most people think mediation is difficult. It really is not. There is No proper way to sit, think, or breathe. The word “meditation” means many things to many people, many cultures and religions. From the outlook of neuroscience, meditation is described […]

How does meditation help depression?

Meditation and the brain Doctors and scientist are still searching for new ways to help people suffering from depression. There are studies being done right now on new medications, treatment plans, therapy programs and how the practice of meditation can help depression. The Brain and Depression: The hypothalamus is a small structure located at the […]