Meditation Scripts


By using a meditation script you can;gradenit-leaf

  • Find inspiration on where to take your meditation experience!
  • Get into a meditative state, easily!
  • Give your thoughts a direction!

I sometimes meditate on specific issues in my life and using a per-written or per-recorded meditation script, helps me keep my attention focused on the goal I have set forth. Below are several meditation scripts.

Meditation Script; Letting go of Struggle

Meditation Script; Relax from head to toeListen to a meditation

Meditation Script; Abdominal breathing

Meditation Script; Mini Vacation Technique

Meditation Script; Let Go of Worry

Meditation Script; Expanding Awareness

Meditation Script; Creating Balance

Meditation Script; Attract Money Instantly

Meditation Script; Surrender What You Can Not Change


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Meditate Today is dedicated to provide information about meditation and other spiritual practices. I hope you found these meditation scripts helpful please feel free to share this web site will your favorite social media sites and help spread the word on the benefits of meditation.

Download Guided Meditations

Attract Money Instantly 3min

Relax from head to toe 2.min

create empowerment guided meditation 4.5min

Wellness meditation 3.4min
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