5 Ways to Develop a Solid Meditation Practice

  1. Create a Meditation Environment You can meditate anywhere really, but if I had my choice, I would choose a quiet environment. Many people whom meditation everyday create a space for their meditations. By choosing a space, it solidifies their commitment even more to their meditation practice. The space should be free of clutter, […]

Meditation Video “I am a Peaceful Child of the Supreme Soul”

Watch this meditation video and allow yourself to focus on images that take your mind on a visual and audio journey. This is a quick 5 minutes experience. A common meditation practice is to just observe and not allow the mind to stray down the path of thinking and judging. As you watch this meditation, […]

Definition of Meditation

Definition of meditation I think it is important to understand the definition of meditation. Most people think mediation is difficult. It really is not. There is No proper way to sit, think, or breathe. The word “meditation” means many things to many people, many cultures and religions. From the outlook of neuroscience, meditation is described […]

Guided Meditation Video with Bridget Woods Kramer

This is a wonderful guided meditation with Bridget Woods Kramer a a leading Anusara Yoga teacher. Take a moment and sit back and listen to Bridget in this meditation you will feel a better if you do. If you are having difficultly learning how to meditate try using an open eye or an active meditation, […]